Sierra de Andújar Natural Park

Sierra de Andújar Natural Park is a natural treasure located in the province of Jaén, Spain. With an area of over 74,000 hectares, this impressive protected space is home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.
Its mountainous landscapes, dotted with dense forests of holm oaks and cork oaks, crea-te a spectacular environment that invites exploration. In the heart of the park lies the Jándula River, meandering through the hills and adding an additional touch of beauty to the area. The Sierra de Andújar is famous for being one of the last refuges of the Iberian lynx, an endangered species. It also hosts a wide variety of birds of prey, such as the Iberian imperial eagle and the black vulture. Birdwatchers will find a true paradise here. The park offers numerous hiking trails that allow visitors to delve into its natural richness and discover its hidden treasures. In addition, water activities, horseback riding, or mountain biking can be practiced.
In summary, the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park is a fascinating destination for those seeking to enjoy nature at its best. Its biodiversity, picturesque landscapes, and adventure opportunities make it a magical place that you shouldn't miss.

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